Jonas Daley, born in China, is a freelance photographer. He is stationed in the western region of China all the year round. His style is mainly magical reality and surreal and the colors of his photos are bright and specular. His magically real landscape photos have recorded evert touching moment and made viewers feel as if they have entered another space.

2020 - IPA Photography Award(Colorful Danxia) 
2020 - IPA Photography Award(Powder)
2020 - Tokyo International Foto Awards(Powder)
2020 - Tokyo International Foto Awardse(Br
onze in Architectur - Monument Valley)
2020 - One Eyeland Photography Award(Black gobi)
2020 - FAPA Nominee in Abstract(Colorful Danxia)
2020 - FAPA Nominee in Landscape(​​​​​​​Mist Hotan Prefecture​​​​​​​)
2020 - FAPA Nominee in Architecture(Monument Valley)
2020 - FAPA Nominee in Landscape(Powder)

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