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Jonas Daley is a freelance photographer from China, He loves outdoor sports and traveling. The taking of pictures often risk him on the edge of life. The harsh geographical environment and tough challenges often pose a test on his physical fitness and mental will. Prior to that, he worked as a visual director and art director.A modified infrared camera would be his most loyal partner on a travel. He often observes the world via the infrared camera viewfinder. Fantastic colors have brought him great inspirations for creation. Jonas Daley integrated the ideas inspired from observation into his own creation, finally giving birth to such a magical realism style: a distinctive and independent color that uses rich imagination and artistic exaggeration to stage “special performance” of real life and turn the reality into a kind of “magical reality”. For Jonas Daley, that magical reality is his sustenance of ideal beauty and dreams!
Jonas Daley established Daley Advertising Co., Ltd. in 2022, located in Guangdong China. So far the company's business has spread all over the world, whose main business includes the sales of photography copyrights and photography services; Daley Advertising company has not only served lots of international first-line brands, the works are also used in system built-in wallpaper, cellphone and computer desktop wallpaper, product packing bags, paintings, UI interface illustrations, etc; meanwhile, the company's photography works have won several international prizes, been published in lots of international photography magazines and news media. The initiator of the company Jonas Daley has attended Shenzhen University's public speech, invited excellent Chinese photographers to form the CHINA PHO group dedicated to integrating quality image power, re-examining aesthetics.

His name is "Eye of the Devil"... A photographer documents enchanting scenes of this fountain in China
Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN)-- China's Aiken Spring may have a slightly intimidating nickname, but it's undeniable that it also offers incredible vistas in the Gobi desert. Photographer Jonas Daily documented this fountain in a unique way…

Colorful Mountains 
in China
C’est au nord des monts Qilian, dans le parc géologique de Danxia en Chine, que Jonas Daley a réalisé sa série “Colorful Danxia”. Le photographe chinois établi à Shenzhen a adopté une approche “semi-surréaliste” pour immortaliser les…

Photographer Jonas Daley happened upon this romantic pink castle by accident. He had rarely photographed #architecture in his previous life as a production designer. Inspired by this dreamlike vision in pink, he embarked on a mission to capture incredible buildings in a ‘magical realism’ style…

Jonas Daley's photographs of the Taklamakan Desert look peaceful, but it's in fact a dangerous and rapidly-changing landscape. Moved by high winds, these sand dunes are expanding and shiftly continuously. The desert is even nicknamed the Sea of Death. See more photography by Jonas in our bio link…

Colorful Aerial Photos of a Spring Known as “the Devil’s Eye” in the Gobi Desert
Sulfur is a fascinating element. It is Earth's fifth most common element to be found in the natural world. It typically manifests as a mineral—a sulfide or sulfate. You may have smelled its presence in the “rotten egg” odor of certain natural mineral waters which bubble up from springs. Such springs have long been spa…

We looked back at some of the most appreciated projects on Behance this year
With all the adversities we faced this past year, it’s no surprise that many of us were looking for an escape to help us cope and heal. From drone photography that put our world into perspective to pastel-toned 3D spaces that embraced minimalism, the Behance community found avenues…

Powder. photography. Some people say that the travelers on the road are too emotional. 
Pink is the delicate sweetness, tenderness and innocence. Pink is the supreme romance, elegance and nobility. Pink is a beautiful reverie, rendering the fragments of infinite imagination. Originated from the collision of nature and reality, pink  brings out new possibilities, so as to present a…

Mesmerizing captures of sand hills by Shenzhen-based photographer and visual artist Jonas Daley.
The singing sand lands in western China are mainly deserts, where dunes stand like mountains. Therefore, they are also called singing sand mountains. Singing sand is also called musical sand. It is a peculiar natural phenomenon that exists in many places in the world. Influenced by various climatic and geographical factors…

Jonas Daley Reimagines Chinese Landscapes as Surreal Scenery
Among our favorite approaches to landscape photography are those that invite the viewer to abandon the familiar and use their imagination to look at a certain location. It definitely shows in many of the alien-inspired vistas and abstract-driven works we’ve featured in the past. The latest to catch our attention is a surreal…

The astonishing images by professional photographers shortlisted in the 2022 Sony World Photography Awards
This image, showing sandstone rocks in the Zhangye National Geopark in China, is part of a collection called Red Beds by Chinese photographer Jonas Daley. This body of work earned him a place on the shortlist in the Landscape category.

Jonas Daley takes us into zhangzhou’s dreamlike monument valley
Calling to mind the pastel popping colors and alluring angles of Ricardo Bofill’s La Muralla Roja, the Monument Valley Geoscience Museum presents its own incongruous burst of brightness from its location close to Qianting Town in Zhangzhou, China…

Put on a set of pink filters for the endless sand dunes and vicissitudes of the desert!
Our impression of the desert stops at the yellowish-brown dust, and it looks like a barren desert; but under the lens of photographer Jonas Daley, it makes people see a life that is different from imagination. The material is taken from the world's second largest mobile desert "China's Taklimakan Desert…

Fantasy Photography. Jonas Daley is a visual artist and photographer from China.
Jonas daley is a visual artist and photographer from China. Jonas has a portfolio with some incredible work including the Fantasy series, which we’re featuring here today.Pink is the delicate sweetness, tenderness and innocence.Pink is the supreme romance, elegance and nobility


2022 - Sony World Photography Awards(Red beds) 

2020 - One Eyeland Photography Award(Black gobi)

2021 - FAPA Abstract(Colorful Danxia)
2021 - FAPA Landscape(​​​​​​​Mist Hotan Prefecture​​​​​​​)
2021 - FAPA Architecture(Monument Valley)
2021 - FAPA Landscape(Powder)

2020 - IPA Photography Award(Colorful Danxia) 
2020 - IPA Photography Award(Powder)

2020 - Tokyo International Foto Awards(Powder)
2020 - Tokyo International Foto Awardse(Bronze in Architectur - Monument Valley)
2021 - Tokyo International Foto Awardse(Gold in Fine Art - Red beds)

Sony World Photography Awards 2022 exhibition(Somerset House, London)
Sony World Photography Awards 2022 book
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