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Color change
Infrared photography is a new trend that prompted I to capture the Chinese Mountains in their most beautiful form. They look like another planet where everything is pink and mysterious.
Sulphur lake
A huge fried egg-like sulphur lake was seen on the Yardang landform in Mangya, northwest China’s Qinghai province.
Sand hill
The singing sand lands in western China are mainly deserts, where dunes stand like mountains. Therefore, they are also called singing sand mountains.  Singing sand is also called musical sand. It is a peculiar natural phenomenon that exists in many places in the world. Influenced by various climatic and geographical factors, such as wind blows, sand slides or interactions with each other, fine sand grains dominated by quartz rotate in the airflow and the surface cavities can cause "diabolo" - a buzzing sound. The place where the buzzing sound occurs is called a singing sand land.  The sand mountains are all formed by the accumulation of fine sand. They have different shapes. The sand grains have five colors, namely, red, yellow, blue, white, and black. They are crystal clear and spotless.
Aiken Spring
Located in northwest China's Qinghai Province, Aiken Spring in the Gobi Desert is dubbed the "Devil's Eye." The water spewing out of the spring contains a high degree of sulfur, making the land around it barren. Aiken Spring is 647 meters deep, Is the deepest hot spring in Qinghai.
Shoot with your phone!
Shoot with your phone! Every photo has its own style!
Yulong Snow Mountain is a mountain range covered with snow all year round on the nearest equator in the northern hemisphere. It is juxtaposed with the Zhongdian Snow Mountain on the west and Mianmian Mountain on the east across the river. It extends from Sanjiangkou in the north to 27°N latitude in the south. The 13 peaks of the whole mountain are arranged longitudinally from south to north. The highest peak of the main peak-Shanzi Peak is 5,596 meters above sea level, with snow all year round, and the height of the snow line is between 4800 and 5000 meters.There are temperate marine glaciers on the Eurasian continent that are closest to the equator.
Mars Highway One
Having traveled to the Northwest of China a couple of times, I always heard that there exists a place that resembles Mars. Since there is so little information available about this area, never could I find a proper opportunity until this time, when I happened to pass by during my shooting schedule, so I decided to alter my route and set this area as a waypoint. The road was unpaved thus extremely bumpy from 0km to 76km, judging from the roadside markers, and much of the route could only be searched and traced by ourselves. It was no man's land within a range of 200km, and upon entering there, it was as if we lost contact with the earth, as there was no signal or no people, and we could hardly see any living things. Due to the weather and the peculiar landscape, the air was suffused with flying sand. Accidentally, the off-road vehicle we drove got into an area of sharp rocks, and the tires were punctured, when it was getting dark. If we hadn't replaced the tires before nightfall, we might not have made it out of this no man's land.  There are only a few photos remaining because of the extreme weather, yet they are particularly precious.
Pink is the delicate sweetness, tenderness and innocence. Pink is the supreme romance, elegance and nobility. Pink is a beautiful reverie, rendering the fragments of infinite imagination. Originated from the collision of nature and reality, pink  brings out new possibilities, so as to present a more evolved aesthetic language. The truly addictive color lies not only in the appearance, but also the desire that can't be wiped off. Pink is nature, youth, unspeakable sexy, and creative soul that spills out of the four seasons.​​​​​​​
Emerald Lake
"Emerald Lake" belongs to the magnesium sulfate subtype salt lake. It is the third largest artificial lake in Haixi Prefecture, covering an area of ​​more than 26 square kilometers. It produces good quality potassium, magnesium, lithium and other elements. Because the salt bed is alternately and crystal-clear with light green, emerald green and deep blue lake water, the locals call it "Emerald Lake".
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